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Meghan markle redesigned engagement ring

My Opinion on Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring Redesign

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Meghan Markle kept the original design concept to her engagement ring Prince Harry gave her, a three-stone design featuring a Cushion Cut diamond in the center flanked by two round diamonds on the sides, set on a plain high polish yellow gold band.  However, she made a small upgrade later by changing the plain band to a more delicate band with small pave diamonds.

She took a very traditional three-stone look that has been around for centuries and added her own modern, unique touch to it by changing it into a daintier band. It’s beautiful in a way not only by the appearance of it but by keeping the sentimental value from the original given by Prince Harry. A relationship is a two-way street, if she wanted the band to be daintier because that’s what she likes, why not go for it? I say, happy wife, happy life!

With the traditional three-stone design, there are many possible combinations with different shapes of diamonds. For example, three round cuts instead of cushion and round mix. I personally like a bolder look, so I would take a radiant cut diamond as the center, and place two step-cut trapezoid diamonds on the sides. Also, I would add diamonds on the basket that’s holding all three diamonds together to make it sparkle from all angles. You are probably thinking, I can’t imagine what that would look like? I can assure you it’s something that would make you say, “WOW”.

You don’t have to be apart of the royal family to get a royal looking ring that suits you and your budget. Celebrating an engagement it’s a very special moment in our lives, so make the ring shopping experience just as special. Come sit with me, (my office is as comfortable as your own living room), I can show you what a royal diamond ring shopping experience is like, just without the retail mark up. 

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