by Bonnie Jewelry


It all starts with a conversation, and we can’t have it without you.

Our process removes the pressure of the traditional retail experience and adds in some fun. We want you to be confident throughout the process, understanding the investment you are making and knowing the value of the piece we are creating for you. 


STEP 1: Tell us about you

We set up a short call or virtual visit to ask some questions and better understand what you are hoping to create. It is like a fun, informative, speed date without the awkwardness. 


STEP 2: The Appointment

We meet in person or virtually at our Atelier du Diamant to hear your story. Bonnie will take the time to educate you about diamonds, gemstones, and the styles that you love most, so you are confident in the choices you are making. We will also have diamonds and rings for you to look at. Based off of your conversation, Bonnie will make a recommendation for the design and setting.


STEP 3: The Design

Bonnie will create a design and source the diamonds and gemstones needed to bring your dream piece to life. Once approved in person or virtually, our master jewelers will begin crafting your piece.


STEP 4: The Delivery

As soon as your piece is completed, we can coordinate overnight shipping directly to you or it can be picked up at our Atelier du Diamant.